This date is very significant to me. In December last year, I was with my very good friend who I met through work, we were sitting in a bar at the Woodford Folk Festival drinking in the atmosphere, and I announced that on the 11th of December 2013 I would be quitting my job, no matter what. Unless things magically improved.  Which they didn’t.

But magical improvements started happening elsewhere in my life.

  • Went back to yoga.  I listened to my voice inside that told me this is what I needed most.
  • Spent 6 months with big-hearted people learning to be a yoga teacher.  So much yoga, mindful yoga, started to break away the outer layers revealing more of the true me inside.
  • I went on a karate camp, made friends and became closer with people I’d previously only seen at training.  Also did a tournament for the first time.  And kept training, now I’m 7th kyu.
  • I went on 2 yoga retreats.  1 was part of the training course, another was a restorative retreat to relax and soften further.  I long to teach restorative yoga now I have certification.
  • Intuition opened up and an opportunity revealed itself.  I was able to leave my job a few months sooner than planned.  I went straight to another job with familiar lovely people, there is no stress, I work less and have 1 day off during the week, and I’m so much happier.  The pay is lower and it’s not exactly using my hard-earned accounting degree, but I’m OK with this.  It was tiring trying to be someone I wasn’t.
  • The day I graduated from yoga school I organised all the required insurances, business registrations etc and started teaching weekly donation only classes to my karate friends at the dojo.  Week by week and it’s getting easier.  People are coming back.
  • A friend from yoga asked if I’d fill in a couple of her spots teaching yoga at a local gym.  My first ever paid yoga job was today, 11/12/13.  Coincidence?  The class went well, they seemed happy and I will see them next Wednesday.  Feeling like a real yoga teacher now.

In the final days of 2012 I had no inkling that by this date today I would be teaching yoga, I would not have believed anyone that might have suggested it.  All I knew then was that I needed to make changes, and to sit with myself and explore.  When I started to play with the idea of teaching yoga I was scared of the reactions if I said it out loud.  It was so funny how many people told me they could totally see me as a yoga teacher.  My business persona clearly wasn’t fooling anybody.



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